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Now for the BIG question, why blog? What reason do you have to start a blog, and more importantly how would a blog help you? This is what I want to talk about today, but first I want to read to you the dictionary definition of the word “blog”.

But a blog is so much more than that, and blogging has evolved from a simple personal journal to a content marketing strategy that builds traffic, authority and personality. There’s a reason why big business and companies blog, and here are some good reasons why you should start a blog, too.

What or Who are some famous blogs?

Some of the most popular blogs

  • Gizmodo: (10,000,000 + Unique Visitors Per Month)
  • Mashable: (10,000,000 + Unique Visitors Per Month)
  • TechCrunch: (7,500,000 + Unique Visitors Per Month)
  • Lifehacker: (5,500,000 + Unique Visitors Per Month)
  • SmashingMagazine: (4,600,000 + Unique Visitors Per Month)

Is Blogging for Everyone?

Well, no. But whether or not you think of blogging as a money-making technique or just a personal diary that someone would make just because I want you to at least consider how blogging on your website could help you in your goals.

Who is Blogging for then?

Blogging is for those individuals who either like writing about something or feels a need to say something to someone about something. I’m not going to spit out statistics or quote authors, but here are a few characteristics of a blogger:

  • You have something on your mind and want to let others know about it
    (Maybe you have a political stance or want to share how you feel about a specific topic like the environment. A blog may really help you).
  • You want to document something and share it with others
    (Maybe you want to show people how to fix a computer or car, a blog could help you document these things).
  • You either like to write or produce content in some other way
    (Making videos, recording audio, creating artwork – a blog can help you achieve this).
  • You like to learn from others and share what you’ve learned
    (Maybe you’re not an expert about something, but you want to learn and connect with others – a blog can show your dedication to learning about that topic).
  • You just want to connect with other people online with similar interests
    (Maybe you just want to share your thoughts with others with similar interests – a blog can help you start conversations).

So then… Why blog?

Why start a blog instead of just a static website? Or better yet, why not just write Facebook posts and use Twitter and all those other social networks to share your thoughts, tips and advice? Well, in short, you should be doing those anyway! But they aren’t quite the same as blogging on your own website. First of all, blogging on your own website gives YOU the power to control your content and how it’s delivered. Not Facebook, not Twitter and you don’t want to be under the mercy of some company out there that could just take away all of your hard-work in an instance. Secondly blogging on your website makes it YOUR creation. It’s your website and no one else’s.


Reference by markammay

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