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Most of the people I talk with regarding the product or website that I am developing, tend to ask if I’m using any frameworks or libraries. When I say none, they usually look very surprised and ask, “Why!? It’s far easier to use a library, and it saves a lot of development time”. They make me question myself again and again, but every time I confirm that I made the right decision. Every single line of code that makes my product alive is written by me, by my own way of thinking, and my own creative ideas.

I must admit that this did not only make my coding more efficient and manageable, but each piece of code is there because it is intended to be there. It has a meaning, its own objective. I hate to see unnecessary data in places that would only just take space. I want to be in control of each part of the process cycle. When I think about the web, I don’t just think about being efficient, but also about the load time and the weight of each request from your machine, back and forth to the server. How can we improve this? How can we make it better for the user?

Today I will discuss the main advantages of creating a website from scratch. I will mostly look at the theoretical aspects and share my thoughts on my web development experience.

You own the code, you control it!

Right click — new file. Blank page — blinking cursor.  It is such a great feeling to start developing line-by-line and turn your ideas and imaginations into a real working digital product. You are constantly concentrated on making your website as clean and efficient as possible. Even if it’s the beginning, and some of your code may not be perfect, you still feel great about the work you are doing. You become proud of it. You see the development files piling up, and realize how much you did before you even knew it. The product or website starts to take shape. You are beginning to be in control of your code.

Be unique and creative with your design thinking process

You’re building the website based on your own inspirations and taste. Every part of the design is there because you thought about it, and it meets your own level of expectations. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and experiment with different techniques. Feel free and go ahead with finding your own approach to achieve particular functions.  After all, you can always double check your work with others if you have any doubts about compatibility or support. Starting the process from scratch makes you think at a higher level to reach a particular design with a minimal effort. This is what makes your code unique and what teaches you how to become a professional. You are now getting familiar with the web development environment.

Easily find bugs, performance hick-ups, and design issues

When you are writing all the code of your website or product, you imminently become familiar with the whole structure. This makes it far easier to find what is creating an error, causing a bug, or a design glitch.  There is no excess code that you have to go through or include hacks to fix an error caused by the framework or library.

Strongly improve your coding and design skills

As we already mentioned above, building your website from the very first line of code forces you to seek and continue learning to achieve what you envision. You push yourself to research how the required functions could be implemented natively without the use of libraries (this is usually more common for JavaScript coding, for example, to create a custom modal-box that shows a welcome message to a new user). This is what keeps you going forward, that you continually search for new ways and techniques to write and improve your code.


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