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The Science of today is the technology of tomorrow.”

-Edward Teller

Who doesn’t get excited at the news of the launch of a new phone, the Internet of Things? Well, I definitely do, I can’t wait to convert my home into a smart home and have a personal robot. Many people are finding the advances in technology are changing quicker than they can keep up.

When I get a new phone, I really do read the manual and search Google for top tips. Not because I can’t figure out the basics by myself, but because I want to make sure I am taking full advantage of the features available.

For the many people who consider technology as their nemesis, the purchase of new technology is delayed as much as possible. But really, avoidance is futile, the transformation is inevitable…or is it? Will technological advancement reach a peak where the average person becomes so overwhelmed that they resist upgrading their phone? Or will technology become easier to use? Probably a mixture of the two.

Technology Gap among people

As technology becomes more important to our lives, are we heading towards a gap where there are people who are obsessed with technology and people that don’t, can’t or won’t?

Being computer literate usually means just being able to use a word processor and knowing how to send an email. Now there is the cloud, social media skills, integrated apps and many others.

I don’t just use a web browser, I install plugins. The software isn’t just software that you install, there are additional apps, widgets, and advanced setups etc.

All these technologies make me more productive. Does this mean that someone who doesn’t use technology is less creative?



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