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Prabidhi Labs, the IT tech solution company commenced helping the people who are eagerly waiting to make changes in life through technology.

Everyone reading this article about “Why Prabidhi?” must have a question similar as to the topic. You may also have these kinds of question: “Why Prabidhi?”, “What’s so special about Prabidhi?”, “What is Prabidhi?

Prabidhi Labs with its motto “Solutions from Technology” was established in 2017.

The competition in this field has increased by 100%. Everywhere you will find is IT tech company which have been working for a longer period. Since Prabidhi has started a year ago, it’s in the same race track as other companies. Prabidhi’s effort on technology has helped different customers and clients to make their business effective and efficient.

We are Beasts!! in the jungle of Information Technology. “FULLY INTEGRATED, FIERCELY INDEPENDENT”.

Prabidhi Labs has effectively worked on various technology since its establishment. The team of Prabidhi is fully determined to their works and projects. Prabidhi works in a totally different way than others. Prabidhi Labs is also an institute for newcomers who want to enlighten their knowledge regarding IT. Joining Prabidhi won’t regret you at all as you will get the good mentor, friendly environment, dedicated team and many others.

Our Team comprises of highly experienced, passionate & technology driven people whose main objective is “Customer Satisfaction”. They not only consult but also offer the best solution.

Area of Operation

As an IT company, our focus is centred on the application of information technology both within the business and individual context. Our core areas of operation within the IT industry are in the areas of Web Development. All our product and services are either derivatives or a combination of derivatives of these two areas.


Our mission has made us a company that believes in good rather than in cash, we do things because of the effect and impact it will have on others and not because of the money we can make off them. However, we are not a charity organization thus we do have commercial products and services from which we generate funds to support our social goals and make us sustainable. Yet even with our commercial products and services we still think free before cash.


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