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Are designing and building a website? There are several important pages you will want to have on your site. They help people to navigate your site, allow people to connect with you, and they may mean the difference between having a successful website or not.


This is the main page of your website that people will see when they first come to your website. It is the most important page on your site. If you set it up right, it will post all of your new blog posts for you, so that any visitors can stay up-to-date and read what you have to say or showcase. Not only that, but a good homepage will easily allow visitors to get to the other primary pages of your website.

About us

This lets visitors know what the website is about in more detail. Whether your site is about photography or video games or nature, or traveling, or politics, or new electronics, or new books? Whatever your website is about, site visitors can find out more about the purpose of your website here. You might also want to have a highly visible link to the “Contact us” page.

Contact us

This gives people, site visitors, the ability to contact you. Maybe it’s through email. It’s a good thing to allow people to contact you – this can possibly be people who want to do business with you, or other webmasters, with their own websites, who want to reciprocate links with your website.


If you are a business and you offer some services to potential customers, you will want to give a summary of those services that you offer people. In many cases, you will want to provide links to other web pages that go into more detail about those services and what they have to offer.

Privacy Policy

It goes into more detail as to the rights, protections, and use of cookies and other data that you have on your website. If you sell products or information, collect emails, or do affiliate marketing, you will want to talk more about that here. If you have Google ads, you will want to talk more about that here.

Squeeze page

This is a page that helps draw people in to sign up for your email list if you have one. Many times websites will offer something in exchange for signing up for emails, such as a free eBook or a coupon. Email lists can be great for helping to bring people back regularly to your website.

These six pages should be found on all websites, especially business websites, and it might be good if each of these pages has links to the other five. In fact, every other page or blog post on your website should have links to these six pages. Doing so will create a more functional and prosperous website.

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