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That’s where a design kit or template can come in and totally change the way you work. For many designers, the benefits can outweigh some of the loss of control issues that come with prepackaged design parts. And while a kit or template or it isn’t for every website designer every time, they can definitely be a lifesaver at times.

Finish Projects Fast

All you have to do is install it and start customizing

The top reason to invest in a design kit or template for website design projects is speed. Rather than starting from the ground up using HTML, CSS and PHP to craft the design, you can select a template option that gets right to the heart of what you want to do.

All you have to do is install it and start customizing

So what do you look for in a design template or kit? Why wouldn’t you just take the time to conduct a fresh build? Time really is the key concern. You can browse through design elements or parts (kits) or templates (full design starters) to find something that appeals visually right away. This can be an ideal situation if you need a site in a hurry or have a small client project that they need to “see” before you get started.

Templates and kits can make it easy to visually communicate ideas and speed up the process. There’s no guesswork and you know exactly what the design will start as thanks to demo versions and screenshots before the purchase. (Clients actually love this concept, even if they don’t know it is a template-based project.)

Ensure Consistency

Users are habitual creatures. They like things to look and function in the same way all the time.

A design kit can ensure that you are working with a set of parts that look, act and interact consistently throughout a design. This can be especially important if you are building a combination of microsites for the same company or brand or working with multiple apps that should feel similar.

Most kits come with options that are customizable so you get a set of elements that mix and match; you only had to add colour and branding.

Learn Better Practices

A design template or kit can actually be a valuable source of learning if you haven’t built a lot of websites. You can learn how the code comes together, how files are grouped and packaged and get a good overview of industry standards and best practices.

Using these packages can help you get a feel for how to put together your own elements

Downloading the PSD files for a design template or kit can be particularly helpful in this manner as well. If you see yourself designing custom themes for clients in the future, using these packages can help you get a feel for how to put together your own elements for reuse later, as well.

Many theme designers actually get started in this way. After designing plenty of custom websites, they start to pull together elements that package nicely into themes that they can either reuse for clients or sell online.

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