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The world of building websites is always a fast-moving one. It seems like some amazing new framework or design app comes out every day! In this article, you’ll get a rundown of 7 exciting new developments in the web design and development arena. These technologies promise to make it easier than ever to create beautiful, functional websites and web apps.

Meteor: JavaScript everywhere

Meteor looks to be an amazing new application platform for writing and deploying web apps. It promises to be the platform to use for building apps for the next couple of decades! It’s a bold claim, but they might just be right.

Historically, websites have mostly worked on a “run stuff on the server, and send the HTML to a dumb browser” approach. The Meteor team’s argument is that this technique is now outdated. Modern browsers are much more capable of running apps themselves – pulling data from the server, as well as other web services all over the place – and it doesn’t make sense to stick with the old “everything runs on the server” model. It makes more sense for the browser to request just the data it needs – from multiple sources if necessary – and build its own markup to display the app interface.

Meteor uses the reactive programming concept, which means that elements in the page auto-update whenever you change the app’s data. This means less work for you as a coder, and potentially a more robust user interface.

Tumult Hype 2.0: Bye-bye Flash

Tumult’s Hype Mac app has been out for a couple of years now, but with their latest 2.0 release, it has really come into its own. Hype lets you design and builds interactive web content and keyframed animations using drawing tools and a timeline. Then, with a couple of mouse clicks, you can then export your work as standards-compliant HTML5 markup, CSS, JavaScript and images that work across desktop and mobile browsers. Think Flash Professional (the Adobe app) for HTML5, at a fraction of the price.

Bohemian Sketch: A web designer’s dream

While Photoshop remains a popular choice among web designers, many folks are on the lookout for a more streamlined and affordable app that is more suited to the task of designing for the web.

Bohemian Coding’s Sketch could be just that app. As with Hype, Sketch is a Mac app that has evolved from a relatively simplistic design tool into an elegant, feature-rich app with some very nice features targeted at web interface designers. These include:

  • Vector-based for precise, non-destructive editing and resolution-independent results
  • Built-in grid support
  • Multiple pages and artboards in a single Sketch document
  • Easy slicing and automatic image trimming
  • Layer styles for easily adding effects such as fills, borders and shadows

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